What is RCIA?

RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, is a transformative communal journey to formally welcome new members into the Catholic Church. This process reconnects with the early traditions of the Church in its first and second centuries, offering a rich spiritual experience.

RCIA welcomes all, embracing a process of study, exploration, faith-sharing, and faith formation, complemented by specific liturgical rituals tailored for seekers and inquirers.

At St Christopher's we begin the RCIA sessions in August and end with Easter.

Benefits of RCIA for Participants

Deep Spiritual Growth
RCIA offers a profound spiritual transformation and a closer relationship with God.
Historical Connection
Participants connect with the rich history of the Church and its timeless teachings.
RCIA welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and faith experiences, fostering a sense of belonging.
Sacramental Journey
Participants have the opportunity to receive sacraments that mark their faith commitment.
Engaging in RCIA builds lasting bonds with fellow seekers and inquirers.

Whether you're an unbaptised adult seeking full initiation into the Roman Catholic Church or a baptised adult Christian desiring full communion, RCIA offers a welcoming and enriching path towards deeper faith and belonging in the Catholic community.


The RCIA team leaders journey with the candidates and catechumens. They attend weekly meetings on Thursday evenings and help lead small group discussions.

Some team members also serve as sponsors. Most importantly, team members are witnesses of their faith and an important link to the parish community. To be a team member you should be a fully initiated, practising Catholic in good standing with the Church. You should have a love for the Catholic faith and have a desire and willingness to share it with others.

For more information contact Parish Office 9802 8538