St Christopher's Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry seeks to employ different activities (e.g. praise & worship, games, participation in the children’s choir, camps, liturgical programmes, etc.) to provide opportunities for the young people to have a personal relationship/encounter with Jesus.

Through the encounter, they experience the love of Jesus and being touched by Jesus’ love, they would want to share it with others, thus becoming intentional disciples.

Ages: Kinder – Year 6 

Times of sessions: Sundays 9.20am – 10.20am during school terms

What is our Children's Ministry based upon?

At the heart of our Children's Ministry, we follow a profound guiding principle, a model that resonates with the very essence of Jesus: BELONG -> BELIEVE -> BEHAVE

This model, inspired by the wisdom of Fr. James Mallon's book, "Divine Renovation," is more than just a sequence; it's a transformative journey we're committed to.

Our first step is creating a place where every child truly feels like they belong. We believe that, in order to draw people into our church community, we must make them feel accepted and warmly welcomed. It's in this atmosphere of belonging that hearts and minds open up to the Word of God, and the path to knowing Jesus becomes clearer.

Benefits of our Children's Ministry

Making Sense of Life

Understanding the Creator, the world's imperfections, and God's plan for restoration is the key to making sense of the world we navigate.

Embracing Christ
Research shows that children are most receptive to the Gospel. We're committed to providing every opportunity for your children to believe in Jesus.
Learning to Love
Teaching children to love others, living the second greatest commandment, is a vital part of our ministry.
Having Fun for God's Glory
We believe that fun is a divine gift, and enjoying life is not contrary to God's will. 
Making Lifelong Friends
Some of the most enduring friendships your child will make can be found right here within our church community.
Creating Memories
Our Children's Ministry strives to create lasting, cherished memories for your children.

Join us on this incredible journey, where your child's spiritual growth, happiness, and lifelong connections are nurtured with love, faith, and a sense of belonging.

For more information or to enrol your children, please email