Bible studies are a vital part of our parish's mission. We believe in the profound transformation that interaction with God's word and each other can bring.

Why attend a Bible Study?

Our purpose in these studies is not just to learn, but to let the Lord deeply change our lives. Through Scripture, we aim to draw closer to the Lord in the sacraments and liturgy, receiving His grace.

To experience this transformation, we foster intimate fellowship that encourages growth and ensures continued progress. We hope participants become shining examples, drawing more disciples.

What are the benefits?

Here's how you can benefit from Bible study:

Forge genuine friendships in Christ
Create a loving, resilient church community
Tackle personal faith and life challenges in a safe space
Find support on your journey within our community.
Embrace our flaws as we strive toward God
Be inspired by the group's example to do better.

When are they held?

Bible study sessions run at least once a year, the duration of which varies. Sessions are held Thursday evenings from 7.30pm and repeated Saturday mornings via zoom at 10.00am.

Contact: Gwen O’Brien